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Martyna 44 y. o. So.... I like read a book: fantasy, horror or drama. In the winter I usually go to mountain and skiing but the summer I often go to camp and to the lake. I must practice my english. Coatbridge Whatsapp Numer.
Meet single ladies in my area: Klaudia 35 y. o. I even do not know how to describe the man of my dream... I think it is hard to tell but it is easy to feel that he is That Only One...
I am rather communicative and loyal woman, that like luxury and comfort, and strongly believe in real love...
Coatbridge dating. Danuta 55 y. o. I love sailing. I like to feel of space. And freedom. New ports, the people and back on the road. I like it. I want to talk, learn to do it in English. I think at times too much I have a of dreams. Whatsapp Numer Free..
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Eugenia 27 y. o. Want to say I am simple person and I am here for serious thing...if you have many ladies already..better...
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Kaja 39 y. o. I am a very stright person, I love reading, walking, skiing, swimmig and my big love is photography...
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Stefania Anyone can write a poem about his own merits. But there are few people who talk about their own shortcomings with great enthusiasm
Monia 53 y. o. Dating Polish Women Coatbridge. Singles Females Near Me.
Polish Dates in Coatbridge. Sometimes it is difficult to make serious step towards your happiness, but I have decided to act and to create my happiness by myself.. WhatsApp Free
Florentyna 47 y. o. Hi, nothing is as important as our life here and now; don't think about the past. Polish Dates in Coatbridge WhatsApp Free..
Coatbridge Danka 61 y.o. A beam of light, the soul of the company. Kind, sympathetic, honest, cheerful, smiling, swift, strong, tough, durable, fair...
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Meet Single Girls For Dating in Coatbridge Honorata 39 y.o. Polish dating portal. Polish dating online. Free online dating. 60 thousand new women ads April 2024
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The Polish all have a strong work ethic and are a practical people. Culture, politics, economy, sports.

Meet single ladies in my area. I love to laugh and have fun, but also enjoy deep intellectual conversations and even an occasional friendly debate. I am a huge fan of day trips and try to do something or check out somewhere new during the weekends. I am easy going, I do my best to keep my daughter and myself happy. I stay very busy, and I prefer someone who also keeps themselves busy. I am a student, and I will be in school indefinitely if I have my way.

They have a lot of traditional values that they respect at all costs, they are women , and it seems like they go by the “all for one, and one for all” worldview. I am a lonely man, 50 years old, but I have a lot of strength and sense of humor to implement crazy ideas to life. For them honesty is important. Dating single polish girls ; Chat with polish singles .

Mature polish women: Cecylia 56 years old. I have 2 children: Cyprian and Ferdynand What are you looking for? Looking for a nice decent man no bad attitudes always positive in life makes us happy
My Interests: Film shooting and editing , This information is private , Martial arts WhatsApp Numbers.